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Emberstorm Entertainment Unveils the Beautiful, Artistic ‘Reka’


Emberstorm Entertainment, in collaboration with publisher Fireshine Games, is promising gamers a one-of-a-kind adventure with their upcoming title ‘Reka’, a beautifully designed game that is expected to have an official release date during the second quarter of 2024.

“Start your life as an apprentice witch to the legendary Baba Jaga and venture across a mysterious, natural landscape with your companion, chicken-legged cottage” the trailer video description reads.

According to the official synopsis: “Channel your inner witch! Build your cozy chicken-legged hut, practice witchcraft, and forage for ingredients in autumnal woodlands. Solve quests & uncover the great mysteries of the legendary witch Baba Jaga… REKA is a rich exploration game with base building and crafting elements!

Begin your journey as Reka, an apprentice to the legendary witch, Baba Jaga. Deep in the autumnal woodlands, practice your witchcraft as you summon to life your own iconic chicken-legged cottage. Venture through the beautiful scenic world as you solve quests, forage for ingredients, and uncover Baba Jaga’s harrowing secret…

Build and customize your enchanted ambling cottage, a haven from an unpredictable, sometimes dark world and a personal place to practice your magic.”

Check out the trailer below:

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