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Will Acnologia ‘The Dragon King’ Die In Fairy Tail?

Acnologia, ‘The Dragon King’ was a catastrophically powerful Dragon Slayer. He forgot his own name because of his ruthlessness and aggression towards dragons, and henceforth took the name of the dragon he most hated. Due to his overuse of Dragon Slayer Magic, he absorbed all of the Dragon’s power and bathed in the blood of the Dragons he killed, turning himself into a dragon. Therefore, he has two forms: man and dragon. In his early life he was called ‘Doctor’ by the real Acnologia, who used to be a friendly dragon. The Doctor used to take care of Dragons to help them heal.

Soon, rumors of Dragon Slayer magic began to spread. Doctor, Acnologia and everyone else were afraid to hear this because it would cause them to lose peace in such places where dragons and humans lived together. When Acnalogia returned from the west after seeing dragons die out, he and the other dragons started killing people where ‘Doctor”s family was massacred, the city was destroyed and innocents were murdered as little girls. Therefore, Acnalogia took it upon herself to kill all dragons, believing that they only cause destruction and pain. Acnologia can consume magic, and with this exceptional ability it is almost impossible to defeat him.

Will Acnologia Die in Fairy Tail?

Natsu’s foster father, Igneel was unable to defeat Acnologia, the fight ended with Igneel’s death. Igneel tore off one of Acnologia’s arms, but alas! The Black Dragon managed to tear it in half. It was one of the most exceptional fights in Fairy Tail. Still, it wasn’t a fair fight at all.

Although Acnologia won, he didn’t quite deserve the True ‘Dragon King’ title. This is because Igneel was not at his full capacity in the fight because he was protecting Natsu the whole time. His divided attention led to this crisis, even though he seemed to really be able to beat Acnologia for a while. Igneel is still very much missed by the fans as everyone has grown fond of him over the years. Acnologia possessed truly inhuman and unbeatable strength, and with his unparalleled powers, it is not easy to defeat him. As time went on, Acnologia realized that dragons were not the only threat to the world, but also dragon slayers who wanted to protect dragons.

Over time, Dragon Slayers were able to slowly grow as strong as Acnologia was. Since the man was considered evil, everyone worked together to kill Acnologia. The battle between Natsu and Acnologia is one of the most epic battles on Natsu’s journey. Although Acnologia was exceptionally powerful, Natsu absorbed the power of 7 dragons and turned out to be a pretty tough match for him. Natsu defeated him in one fell swoop, and frankly, that was totally unexpected. When Acnologia breathed his last, he acknowledged his defeat and told Natsu that he truly deserved the title of “Dragon King.”

What is Acnologia’s role in Dragon King Festival?

400 years ago, Acnologia was a doctor in a hidden land before becoming one of the first Dragon Slayers. He supported the coexistence of dragons and humans. However, the dragons killed his family and even destroyed his city. Acnologia and his group, made up of other Dragon Slayers, began destroying dragons. Unfortunately, they became corrupted by their newfound powers and began to ignore the cause they were fighting for. They went mad, chasing every dragon that came before them and bathing in their blood to absorb the powers.

Overuse of the Dragon Slayer Magic, Acnologia turned himself into a dragon and announced himself as the ‘Dragon King’. This was mainly due to the fact that the villagers provided small children as food for dragons, simply for the sake of coexistence. When he saw the dead body of a little girl, the violence caused by the Dragons drove him mad. He became so mentally unstable that he couldn’t even remember his own name. This event was forever etched in history and became known as the ‘Dragon King’ festival. For many centuries, Acnologia roamed the earth killing dragons and beginning to be feared. He also single-handedly destroyed an entire country.

Where can you watch Fairy Tail?

The viewers can watch the anime on Funimation† crunchy rollsand Netflix

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