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Arknights: Prelude To Dawn Official Trailer Released

The wait is over, fellow otakus. The game, Arknights will no longer just be a game. Arknights: Prelude To Dawn Official Trailer has finally been released. The Chinese mobile game developed by Hypergryph is getting a Japanese Anime adaptation. And Yostar Pictures will be animating Arknights: Prelude to Dawn. The news of work on the Arknights anime adaptation was first announced in November 2021, which later became concrete during Arknights’ Japanese 2nd Anniversary Livestream event on January 9, 2022. It was a good thing that as the main characters in the Arknights game. But have we ever thought about what goes on in the minds of these characters during the game? Sometimes we are so busy playing that we forget to feel the emotions. But soon that’s going to change, because we’re going to start feeling everything in the anime.

Arknights: Prelude to Dawn Official Trailer has already given us a little bit of emotion. And once the Anime is released, the little spark will surely turn into a huge fire wave. We certainly can’t wait to drown in that wave. But first, let’s take a look at the little details of the trailer and talk about the storyline we’re going to get.

So let’s stop wasting seconds and jump right in.

Arknights: Prelude To Dawn Official Trailer Released

Yuki Watanabe will direct the anime and Masataka Nishikawa will be by his side as an assistant director. They both worked on the game’s short promotional videos, assuring us that the anime’s animation will flash just as much as the game’s animation videos. We hope that Tomoyo Kurosawa and Takashi Matsuyama will get the roles of Amiya and Ace respectively because of what they did in the game, we want the same or better in the anime. The voice of the characters is important. And they did a great job in the game. We hope to see them in the anime as well.

We can see so much in the trailer that the people of the island of Rhodes are done keeping quiet to avoid conflict. They are ready for the fight for survival. They are ready to fight for their home. This is going to be epic. We all get chills already, don’t we?

Arknights: Prelude To Dawn – Storyline

As seen in Arknights: Prelude To Dawn Official Trailer, it’s pretty certain that the anime will follow the game’s storyline. And this story is about a fantasy world, Terra. The people of Terra have to live as nomads because their world suffers from rare disasters. One of the charming points is the Kemonomimi characteristics of the people of Terra. They show the characteristics of animals of mythological races. To come back to the story, these disasters are causing people to get infected with a disease called Oripathy. This is due to a mineral called Originium that was left behind by these disasters.

Even though Oripathy causes the deaths of his victims, it also gives them some powers called “Arts”. This story is going to give us what reality gives us, which is discrimination caused by fear. The infected are feared by the uninfected and so the battle begins. Even though the infected are not at fault, they are still treated like bad people.

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What to expect in this anime?

It’s pretty clear that if a disease is spreading, a cure must be sought as well. But, will it be that easy? Of course not. We’ve seen enough anime to know that while the solution is right in front of our eyes, there will still be a death struggle to get to that solution. The government and the uninfected consider the infected as incurable. And because they think the Infected are beyond saving, they want the cure for themselves. But on the other hand, the infected are tired of being treated like this. It is also their home, but they are treated like aliens who have invaded that place. They also want the cure.

Rest, you can imagine what could happen. Our imagination knows no bounds, so feel free to imagine. We’ll find out where the story is headed when Arknights: Prelude To Dawn Season 01 is finally released.

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