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The Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba Anime Set to Premier January 2024

The Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba Anime

The official website for The Legend of Super Normal Pref. Chiba Anime has announced that the fourth season of The Legend of Super Normal City Kashiwa (Chō Futsū Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu) anime will make it’s highly anticipate premier on Tokyo MX in January 2024.

Additionally, the anime will hold their official auditions for their new original character Duel beginning this month. Dekiru Machi Project is credited for planning for the project that will be produced by Kadokawa.

The cast includes Misaki Ikeda as Ako Shikawa, Aisa Mashio as Chiyo Yasuura, and Moa Tsukino as Tega-chan, as well as:

  • Yūri Kinoshita as Usaki-chan
  • Yume Shinohara as Uno Shikawa
  • Shiori Tani as Kiri Hashiratani
  • Reicheru Ōkuma as Kunugi Nojibe
  • Arisa Noto as Mito Hamajo

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