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The Struggle Continues: The Plight of the Immortal Who Can’t Level Up in Manga


Manga is a form of Japanese comics that has captured the hearts and minds of people all over the world. It is a medium that ranges from simple slice-of-life stories to epic adventures that span entire universes. One of the most common elements of a good manga is a compelling storyline that hooks readers and keeps them engaged for hours on end.

One particular theme that has captured the attention of readers is the idea of immortality. Many characters in manga are immortal, and their lives are fraught with adventure and danger. However, there is a subset of these characters that are unable to level up, and as a result, they are stuck in a perpetual state of weakness. This article explores the plight of these immortals and the struggles they face.


What is Leveling Up in Manga?

In a typical manga storyline, characters go on adventures, fight villains, and gain experience points. These experience points allow them to level up and become stronger. It’s a common trope that is seen in many manga genres, including action, adventure, and fantasy.

Leveling up is a crucial element in manga because it serves as a metaphor for personal growth. As the characters gain experience, they become better equipped to face challenges and overcome obstacles. They gain new skills and abilities, and they become more powerful.


The Plight of the Immortal Who Can’t Level Up in Manga

Immortality is a fascinating concept in manga. It allows for characters to experience life in a way that is impossible for mortals. However, for some immortals, their inability to level up can be a curse.

These immortals are often stuck in a perpetual state of weakness, unable to gain strength or power. They watch as their peers level up and become stronger, while they remain stagnant. They are unable to overcome their enemies or protect their loved ones, and they are forced to rely on others for help.

For example, in the manga series, “One Piece,” there is a character named Brook who is immortal. He cannot die, but he is unable to gain any strength or power. He is forced to rely on his musical abilities to help his friends in battle, but he is unable to fight on his own.

Another example is “Baccano!,” where most of the main characters are immortal. However, they are unable to level up and as a result, they remain incapable of facing the more powerful villains they often encounter. They are forever stuck in a cycle of danger and helplessness.


Why Can’t Some Immortals Level Up?

There are many reasons why some immortals are unable to level up. In some cases, it’s because they have already reached the maximum level of power that is available to them. In other cases, it’s because their immortality comes at a cost, such as losing their memories or emotions.

In some manga series, immortals are simply unable to level up because the author has decided to focus on other themes or elements. It’s important to remember that manga is a creative medium, and authors have the freedom to craft stories in whatever way they choose.


The Real-Life Lessons from Immortals Who Can’t Level Up in Manga

Despite the challenges faced immortals who can’t level up in manga, their stories offer valuable life lessons. These characters often rely on their intelligence, cunning, and wit to overcome their enemies, rather than brute strength.

Their struggles teach us the importance of using our strengths, whatever they may be, to overcome challenges. We may not all have the physical strength to fight our battles, but we can use our minds to find creative solutions.

Additionally, immortals who can’t level up teach us the importance of accepting our limitations. We all have weaknesses or areas where we struggle, and it’s important to recognize and accept them. It’s okay to ask for help or rely on others, rather than trying to do everything ourselves.



Q: Can immortals in manga ever level up?

A: Yes, some immortals in manga can level up, but not all of them. It depends on the storyline and the characters.

Q: Why do authors create immortals who can’t level up?

A: There are many reasons why authors make this choice. Sometimes it’s to create a unique challenge for the character or to focus on other themes or elements.

Q: Do immortals who can’t level up always rely on other characters for help?

A: Not necessarily. While some characters may rely on others, others may use their skills or intelligence to overcome challenges.



The plight of immortals who can’t level up in manga is a fascinating one. These characters face unique challenges and offer valuable life lessons. We can all learn from their struggles and use their experiences to become better equipped to face challenges in our own lives. The next time you read a manga, take a moment to consider the immortals who can’t level up and the difficult journeys they endure.

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