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Luffy vs. Shanks: An epic battle in the making

One Piece

No one thought there would come a time when Luffy vs. Shanks would be considered. First off, we still haven’t seen a shaft fight and only know what he can do through vines. His command of Haki would be so good that he is on par with Kaido without devil fruit. And this was the case with Gol D. Rogers, and the pirate king defeated everything that stood in his way by Haki alone. Not to mention, Shanks was his apprentice and knew Haki’s ways on a different level than Luffy or any pirate for that matter. Perhaps the only one who can compete with Shanks is his rival Buggy, who has risen to the rank of Yonko. Although the emotion of Luffy vs. Shanks drips will be phenomenal and what we will focus on in this article.

Luffy vs. Shanks: the 25 year promise

The story begins with Shanks handing the straw hat to Luffy and then Luffy prepares to face the world with his devil fruit. Shanks also made Luffy promise that he would get better and meet him in the future. That man who became Yonko fulfilled his promise and has not met his little friend since. In many cases, however, it is out of reach. We only hear about his performance or ability, but we have never seen him fight. Even when Luffy fought Kaido, Kaido thought of Shanks as one of the people who could defeat him. But here’s the killer, Shanks ain’t got no devil fruit! This makes us wonder how Luffy Vs. The shafts will go down.

Who Would Win in Luffy Vs. shafts?

This is the thing about One Piece; you never know who will win in a fight like this. Some might say Luffy will win in Luffy VS Shanks face-off, while others would ignore them. But given Luffy’s winning streak, it won’t be too far off the mark to believe he can beat Shanks one-on-one, though he’ll have to work for it. Shanks is a master of Haki who became a Yonko much earlier than Luffy. He was also a student of Gol D. Rogers, the man who conquered the world with only Haki. So Shanks has pretty good chances of winning, but will the final battle be for the treasure?

What will they fight for in Luffy Vs. shafts?

Luffy vs. Shanks will only happen for one reason, One Piece. The story is unclear as to what that thing is, but Oda has brought that thing back into focus. But it will be a long time before we get there. At the time of writing this article, the Wano arc is wrapped up and we are moving to the final arc. The journey is finally nearing its end, and we’ve hinted that there will be a major war before the fateful showdown. Though Shanks will be guiding Luffy from the get-go, the time they face each other in a showdown will go down as one of the best moments in anime history. Also, after all these years, we’ll see how the one-armed fight in Luffy VS Shanks goes.

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