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Dance Dance Danseur: New Anime from MAPPA Release Date & Teaser

Dance Dance Danseur

The Dance Dance Danseur manga series is getting an anime adaptation and will premiere in 2022. The creators revealed the visuals and main staff of the anime series that will be hitting the streaming channels very soon. You can relate the manga series to a theme that focuses on sacrifice and the passion for the dream one wants to achieve. However, this concept is somewhat the same in every manga and anime series. Every character of an anime series has one thing or another to achieve. The manga encompasses a boy’s passion for dancing and not for an ordinary form of dancing, but for ballet.

According to the news about the release of the anime series, it has been reported that MAPPA has managed to get their hands on this manga series. The studio is known for the creator of a number of very good quality anime series. Now it’s going to adapt another wonderful manga series, and the expectations for this are already very high. The new anime will be one of the most anticipated anime series of 2022. The visuals, staff and release date for the upcoming anime series have been released and have excited the fans ahead of time.


About Dance Dance Dancer

The Dance Dance Danseur manga series, also known as Dansu Dansu Dansuru, comes straight from the Japanese manga and anime industry. The manga series was created by artist and illustrator George Asakura. The manga was published by Shogakukan Publications, which is known for publishing other manga series such as Beyblade: Shogun Steel, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt, Killing bites, and much more. The manga began serializing in Weekly Big Comic Spirits manga magazine on September 14, 2015. As of now, the manga has been collected in 22 tankobon volumes and is still producing more with the stream of still ongoing.

The plot of the manga series is about the life of a young man named Junpei Murao. The boy goes to her ballet recital with her sister, just expecting to be bored. However, he gets to experience something totally out of his expectations. He was moved to see the powerful yet graceful performance of the male ballet dancers. This fuels the urge to play ballet and learn the dance form at all costs. But everything does not go as we expect, after the death of Junpei’s father he is expected to become the “man of the family”. Due to societal expectations, he takes up a more masculine activity: martial arts. This doesn’t stop there though, he’s re-established his passion for dancing, we’ve put a new girl in his class, you’ve encouraged him to go on and explore the love of dancing.

Dance Dance Danseur: New Anime from MAPPA Release Date

Now that we know that MAPPA Studio won’t let us down, we can get ready to welcome the Dance Dance Danseur anime. The anime is expected to be released in April 2022, which means you won’t have long to wait. As for the main staff, the anime is said to be animated under the direction of “Zombie Land saga” director Munehisa Sakai along with screenwriter Yoshimi Narita. The anime’s music is provided by Michiru and licensed by Crunchyroll for international streaming. The anime series is set to hit MBS and TBS local networks at the expected time, but a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Dance Dance Dancer Teaser

At this point, when we look at so many newly released anime series, the name of studio MAPPA no longer sounds strange. The studio is known for giving the anime adaptations of some of the most beautiful anime series. Recent works include Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan Final Season and Chainsaw man. Now the anime adaptation of Dance Dance Danseur adds the workload of MAPPA Studio. The studio deserves a lot of credit for putting in a lot of effort to bring out the best they can offer. It recently opened a new office entirely dedicated to the production of Chainsaw man. The new staff will be appointed there along with the higher wages for the animators.


All faith in MAPPA Studio was proven right after the release of the teaser of the anime series. The teaser that dropped on February 1, 2022 has given us the idea of ​​​​the character design that we can expect from the upcoming anime series. The teasers show some early moments of the plot where Junpei was hit by the male ballet dancers. The trailer has given a bit of a glimpse of all the main characters, and it already feels so soothing with soft background music.

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