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Enotria: The Last Song Officially Postponed

Enotria: The Last Song

A new release date has been announced for Jyamma Games’ new game ‘Enotria: The Last Song’ which will be unveiled during the Future Game Show on March 21st with an official release date of June 21st, according to an announcement from Jyamma Games’ CEO Giacomo Greco.

The game was initially unveiled during the Streamers Awards that took place in February, with a trailer to boot.

Greco made the following post on their official Discord:

“Dear Maskless Ones

I wanted to thank all the gamers and content creators who supported us during the launch of our latest trailer.
We are perfectly aware that release on the same day as Elden Ring for us, as for any other game, would be suicidal.
For this reason, we were ready immediately to be able to take different paths and possibly postpone the game.
On the 21st of March, during the Future Game Show, we will release our gameplay trailer, and on that occasion we will also let you know the new release date of our title.
We will also have another big news to communicate to you on 21st of March, so we ask you to be patient and to continue to follow and support us.

Thank you very much everyone.

Greco Giacomo CEO of Jyamma Games”

Check out the latest trailer here:

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