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Black Clover Squad Captains ranked by strength

Black Clover Squad

The Black Clover manga series is written and illustrated by Japanese artist Yūki Tabata. A young boy with no magical abilities is the protagonist of the story. This is unusual in the world he lives in, as everyone has some sort of magical ability. The story is based on the life of Asta, who aspires to become the next Wizard King, and has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 2015 in 31 tankobon volumes released by 2022. In this article, we’ll look at the Black Clover Squad Captains from the Clover Kingdom ranked by strength. So let’s get started.

Xebec Zwei produced a manga adaptation that was adapted into original video animation and was released in 2017. Pierrot produced an adaptation for the television series, which aired 170 episodes between October 2017 and March 2021. A film adaptation will also premiere in 2023.

Captains of Black Clover’s Magic Knight Squads are among the most skilled fighters in the Clover Kingdom. While each captain has incredible strength, a hierarchy of power still exists between them. The magic-based power system in Black Clover, as well as the variety, makes it possible to compare the captains’ strengths, which was difficult before the introduction of concepts such as Mana Zone. In addition, these characters have learned new techniques since the beginning of the series, making it even more challenging.

10. Kaiser Granvorka

Kaiser was originally a vice captain, but was promoted after revealing that Gueldre Poizot was a traitor. Since then, his power has been mostly limited to the most recent arc, where he reveals his control over Vortex Magic.

Kaiser possesses some impressive powers, but it’s worth pointing out that he was Gueldre’s second-in-command, who was defeated by Rill in a world that typically promotes humans based on their powers.

9. Mereleona Vermillion

Mereleona, the oldest of the trio of House Vermillion members, acted as captain of the Crimson Lion while Fuegoleon was injured. Known for being feared by many captains, she also uses Fire Magic just like her older brother. Her wandering through the kingdom, battling wild beasts, has honed her raw strength and ability to fight hand in hand. Her manazone ability and her high speed, in addition to her high mana, make her a deadly opponent. She is attentive and also quick to understand.

Although Salamander, the fire spirit, is now in the possession of her brother, her natural talent far exceeds that of Fuegoleon.

8. Charlotte Roselei

Her blue rose magic, despite its relative weakness compared to her red rose magic, allows her to manipulate thornbushes and conjure them however she pleases.

Charlotte is the leader of the platoon that allows only female knights. Her opponents can be stopped by them and injured by the thorns. The scent of the roses can disorient its opponents. As a noblewoman and captain of a Magic Knights squad, Charlotte possesses a great deal of magical power. Although her curse hinders her true magical power, she has reached the rank of captain anyway.

7. Rill Boismortier

The youngest of the Magic Knights, Rill, was appointed captain of Azure Deer at the age of 19. He uses Painting Magic, with which he can create a palette and brush, with which he can illustrate with color. He can manipulate colors in any way he likes to counter other magical attributes.

Rill Boismortier has a long way to go before he gets strong. He also has to overcome the hurdle of not being able to use his Painting magic if he is immediately stopped when entering a fight. In just minutes, he is able to destroy a large crystal with his immense magical power. In just a few seconds, he can counter two powerful spells at once.

6. Jack the Ripper

Captain Jack the Ripper, the Magic Knight, places a lot of emphasis on physical strength, perhaps more than anyone other than Yami. This is why he uses enhancement magic to enhance his natural abilities.

Jack can generate invisibility-based blades that he can swing, which makes sense as his ability relies on generating manga-based blades. However, Jack’s real strength lies in the ability of his blades to cut through all kinds of magic. He created them so sharp that they were sharp enough to cut through spatial magic.

5. Nozel Silva

As the oldest member of the Silva family, Nozel possesses an abundance of mana and magical power. Mercury Magic allows him to generate and control mercury and use it both offensively and defensively. He can also use it for restraining and creating objects.

In addition, Nozel’s large amount of mana allows him to summon spells of enormous magnitude for an extended period of time. Not only that, he is also quite creative when using his spells. All this allows him to compete for the title of Wizard King.

4. Dorothy Unsworth

Even though Dorothy is a sleeping giant, she is very powerful when she wakes up. She uses Dream Magic to turn any world into a Glamor World where she manipulates objects freely with her imagination except the magic of others. The only way to escape this Glamor World is to defeat her. However, the spell also makes the inmates sleepy over time, and they won’t be able to wake up if they don’t before exiting the spell.

Dorothy possesses such incredible magical abilities, but her spells and magical range are still unknown to us. Since we don’t know anything about Dorothy’s powers, we can only arrange her randomly for now. As we learn more about Dorothy’s powers, we expect her to climb the list.

3. Fuegoleon Vermillion

House Vermillion’s Fuegoleon is one of the most powerful users of Fire Magic. Fire can be formed for creation, limitation and reinforcement. However, his greatest strength lies in his Spirit Magic, which summons a mana beast called Salamander, who aids him in battle through fire magic, flight and mana detection. Fuegoleon and Salamander have a lot of power.

Despite the Salamander giving him massive power-up, it’s still safe to say he’s far from catching up with his sister Mereoleona in terms of power. This means that Fuegoleon is below her in the list of magical knight captains. However, ghosts only choose mages whose magic is compatible and powerful. A coma does not affect Fuegoleon’s ability to destroy large groups of enemies with large shots and concentrated beams that can burn specific targets.

2. Yami Sukehiro

As a magician, Yami uses dark magic to manipulate, well, darkness. He mainly uses his sword to channel this magic. He is a fantastic swordsman with excellent reflexes through the use of ki. His magic is extremely versatile, allowing him to attack, defend, fortify and contain. Combined with his speed, Yami has a very powerful destructive ability.

In addition, he masters the mana zone and his magical abilities can be compared to those of Nozel and Fuegoleon. His most powerful spell is Dimension Slash – Equinox, which can break all magic (including Dorothy’s Glamor World), and he can manipulate other realms as well. Of all the Magic Knight Captains, Yami is the most observant. In short, he knows how to train his squad members.

1. William Vangeance

Captain William Vangeance, one of the most popular captains in the Clover Kingdom, more than deserves the popularity. He is adept at creating and manipulating giant world trees the size of entire cities in the form of World Tree Magic.

As a result, his world trees render his opponents unable to attack in mid-air. His magical recovery roots suck up his opponents’ mana and return it to him, increasing his strength tenfold.

Where can you watch Black Clover?

You can watch new episodes of Black Clover on various streaming services such as Funimation of Crunchyroll, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and AnimeLab. And the dub is also offered on Adult Swim’s Toonami block, so those who can’t watch broadcast TV have another option. There are now a surprising number of streaming services targeting different niches, and Black Clover is a popular series among them

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