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Cleaning Up the Mess: Trash of the Count’s Family Manga Review

The Count’s Family

Creating a manga with a unique storyline and exceptional characters is what sets it apart from others. The Trash of the Count’s Family is a Korean manga that managed to gather a significant amount of attention in just a short amount of time. The story revolves around a miserable count’s family, who happens to be quite ruthless and selfish. They only care about their own reputation and are not interested in anything else. However, after the count’s demise, it is up to his family to restore their lost glory.

Taking on this task may seem easy, but it is no less than a Herculean challenge. In this manga review, we will be discussing various aspects of the Trash of the Count’s Family manga, including the plot, characters, and artwork.

The Plot

The story begins with the Count’s family struggling with its reputation. Their reputation has taken a severe hit, and their power has been greatly diminished. They are now once-popular nobles who have become the laughing stock of the town.

The main protagonist, a character named Cale Henituse, is a cold-hearted and indifferent boy. He is the second son of the count’s family and has no interest in the family’s reputation or money. Cale’s only goal is to live an ordinary life, free from any complications. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for him, and he finds himself thrust into the middle of his family’s quest for redemption.

Cale possesses a unique ability due to which he has garnered the nickname “trash.” However, he later realizes that his power is not a curse, but a blessing. Cale uses his power to turn his family’s fortune around and finally bring them back to their former glory.

The Characters

One of the most significant strengths of the Trash of the Count’s Family manga is its well-drawn characters. Each character has a unique personality, which makes them stand out.

Cale Henituse, the protagonist, is a complex and intriguing character. He is an introvert who dislikes socializing, and he is not afraid to show it. Throughout the story, Cale’s personality gradually changes as he steps up to take the lead in his family’s quest for redemption.

Other major characters in the story include Alberu Crossman, the Crown Prince of the Roan Kingdom, and his three subordinates. Alberu is a stern yet caring figure who takes an interest in Cale and his family. The three subordinates, Ron, Beacrox, and Toonka, play a significant role in aiding Cale on his journey.

The Artwork

The artwork in the Trash of the Count’s Family manga is excellent. The characters are well-drawn, and the backgrounds are detailed. The fight scenes are well-illustrated and are easy to follow, making them exciting to read. The color scheme is also noteworthy, as it complements the mood of the story.


1. Where can I read the Trash of the Count’s Family manga online?

The manga can be read online for free on various websites such as Mangadex and Webtoons.

2. How long is the manga?

As of September 2021, the Trash of the Count’s Family manga has 28 volumes, with a total of 271 chapters.

3. When was the manga first published?

The manga was first published in Korea the author, Gwon Gyeoeul, in December 2017.


In conclusion, the Trash of the Count’s Family manga is a must-read, especially for those who enjoy tales of redemption. It has a unique storyline, well-drawn characters, and excellent artwork. The story is unpredictable, and the characters are easy to root for as they overcome various obstacles. With its growing popularity, a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the upcoming volumes.


Gwon Gyeoeul. (2017). The Trash of the Count’s Family. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Sept. 2021].

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