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Which Episode Does Luffy Doflamingo Beat? Fight that shook the world

One Piece

Most One Piece episodes will be remembered for their iconic moments when we saw Luffy go to the next level of his powers. We saw this when Luffy defeated Doflamingo when we first saw his gear in fourth place in the anime. From the start of the fight, Luffy was confident that Doffy was no match for his fourth gear, and this was evident the moment Luffy went into tied man state.

Luffy was furious with the way Doflamingo treated his subordinates and the citizens of dressrossa in general. And since he’d just mopped the floor with Law, Luffy took it upon himself to make sure he avenged his fellow supernova.

The Dressrosa bow was a game-changer for Luffy as he managed to face an opponent that he could fight from toe to toe, unlike most of his fights. Since we know Luffy likes to pick up fights, he has no idea how he’s going to win. To him, even if it seemed impossible, he would still go ahead and fight without any fear.

So this is one of his traits that goes well with his character development. Because we must not forget that through his training at Rayleigh, Haki only becomes stronger when one fights stronger opponents. So this always explains Luffy’s rapid development to a point where he could even compete with the Yonkou’s.

And now, if we look back to the episode where Luffy defeated Doflamingo, we would see how easy it was for Luffy to give Doflamingo the final blows with his fourth gear. To get an in-depth understanding of his powers, let’s take a closer look at the episode and how Luffy managed to defeat someone as powerful as Doflamingo.

Which Episode Does Luffy Doflamingo Beat?

Luffy defeated Doflamingo in One Piece Episode 733 titled ‘Attack on a Celestial – Luffy’s King Kong Gun of Anger’. So Luffy finally used his powerful attack to defeat Doflamingo and put an end to his rule in Dressrossa. This was after their battle resumed and Doflamingo relentlessly attacked Luffy with his rope, trying to control him.

But when Luffy activated his Gear Fourth, he managed to free himself from Doflamingo’s strings and moved to prepare his next attack as their final showdown continued. Since this was Luffy’s second time going into Gear 4 after revealing his weaknesses, Doflamingo was only wondering how long it would last this time, and it was a race against time for him.

Luffy then took the fight to the skies with Doflaming following him, trying to get him back under control with his strings. Luffy was even furious with Doflamingo’s actions as he treated people like puppets with his strings. From here they exchanged a few words about morality and how Doflamingo should have treated his people. When I saw Luffy come up with another powerful attack. Doflamingo created a web to defend while Luffy prepares a stronger version of his Kong Gun.

We know that once Luffy pushes his limits, we’ll get a glimpse of his training, and this time it was when he was with Rayleigh. The attack continues as Doflamingo tries to fire a bullet string at Luffy, leading to the clash of their most powerful attacks. The impact was strong enough to send ripples all the way to the ocean waters, which lay far underground.

It was an interesting sight as the residents of Dressrossa cheered on Luffy as his fight with Doflaming finally came to an end after his initial struggle with Haki the first time.

Luffy vs. Doflamingo: who won?

Another interesting spectacle of this fight was the spectator, who has been watching the situation all the time. So there was a brief desperation when Luffy was out of Haki for 10 minutes while Doflamingo abused the civilians. So now they were a little nervous and wouldn’t want the same situation to continue as Doflamingo was about to destroy the entire island.

A lot has changed for Luffy during this fight and even after, as even the Marines were after Luffy and were about to arrest him afterward.

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