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Nike has given an important hint for the partnership between Naruto and Air Jordan


Someone who is an anime enthusiast knows the stress of finding good anime merchandise. Above that is the merch from their favorite anime. While there are many brands and small scale companies that offer this, most otakus have a hard time believing them. But what if I say that now, you can have good quality anime merchandise that can be quite expensive but worth the money. There is good news for those who love anime or love Naruto, to be exact. If you’ve always dreamed of getting Naruto-inspired sneakers and basketball shoes, your wish will come true very soon, as Nike has given an important hint about its new collaboration with the popular shonen anime series Naruto.

The anime series Naruto has always been that one anime series that everyone loves, wherever you belong and whatever your age. This series is an ultimate classic and an evergreen no matter how many new anime series come and go. With an anime so consistent across all eras, Nike has dropped a hint of collaboration for those very consistent fans of the series. While there is a lot of Naruto merchandise that is a result of these collaborations, it is available in the market. This new collaboration with Nike Air Jordans brings out something special.

Nike Has Dropped An Important Hint For The Naruto x Air Jordan Collaboration

The Hidden Leaf Village has given us very fascinating things all along. Whether it’s a good plot or really surprising collaborations, the fictional world did not even lag behind to get into the fashion world. While Michael B Jordan himself had launched the Naruto-inspired collection, this time Nike hints at a major collaboration with the anime. That means we may soon see Naruto Inspired Air Jordans that will definitely be on your merch checklist. In the early morning of April 23, 2022, the official Twitter Jordan’s account dropped this hint that directly points to future collaboration.

This wild collaboration is between the shoe company Nike and the anime franchise Naruto. The post on Twitter shows the series protagonist, Naruto, doing his iconic Rasengan move, with a Nike Air Jordan logo next to it. This is clearly a hint, and we don’t have a clear picture of what’s going to happen in the collab. But you can always expect a super cool Naruto Merch to come your way.

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