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Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025 Arrives in Japan this September

Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025

Konami has officially announced that ‘Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025’ will officially arrive for Playstation 5 and PC, via Steam, in Japan later this year on September 19th and will come with a price tag of 9,790 yen, according to a press release.

Per the report, Pre-orders and early purchases of the PlayStation 5 physical edition of ‘Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025’ will include a “Shohei Ohtani x Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025” package sleeve, featuring Ohtani, who now plays for the MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers after inking a record-setting contract during free agency last winter, as a batter on the front and as a pitcher on the back.

Here are some of the game’s touted features:

Voice Synthesis AI

Live commentary will be provided by Taisuke Mitsuhashi, who is known for his commentary in previous Professional Baseball Spirits games. The new “Voice Synthesis AI” is a next-generation commentary system that makes it sound as if Mitsuhashi is commentating in real-time. A team of four all-stars make up the commentary team, including Kimiyasu Kudo and Kenshin Kawakami for the first time.

Two New Modes Join the Fray

In addition to mainstay modes like “VS,” “Pennant Race,” and “Star Player,” two new modes have been added—“myBALLPARK,” in which you become a general manager and president of a professional baseball team; and “Baseball Miracle,” in which you aim for Koshien Stadium as a high school baseball coach. Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025 will feature the highest number of modes in the series so far!

Gameplay modes include:

  • VS
  • Pennant Race
  • Star Player
  • Baseball Miracle (New)
  • myBALLPARK (New)
  • Spirits
  • Championship
  • Professional Baseball Quickplay
  • Grand Prix
  • Home Run Competition
  • Team Edit
  • And more!


Become a professional baseball team general manager and president, and build up your team’s potential to become Japan’s top baseball team. As a general manager, you will scout and acquire players, and develop and strengthen your team; and as a president, you will improve facilities around the stadium, take measures to attract more customers to the stadium, and invest in the team’s capital expenditure to increase profits. You must also property utilize the various abilities of your secretaries to manage and develop your team.

Baseball Miracle

Become a high school baseball coach, drill your team, compete in the National Baseball Tournament Koshien, and aim for domination. Other than giving tactical instructions as a coach, you can also partake in the action and field plays as a player. Professional Baseball Spirits 2024-2025 features a drastically improved player editor, allowing you to make detailed edits to create faces that look like high school baseball players, professional baseball players, or even older players.

myBALLPARK and Baseball Miracle Secretaries

myBALLPARK features the secretary talents of the multifaceted Ano and Risa Yukihira, as well as video content creator Runa Morimoto. Additionally, Baseball Miracle features Karen Ichihara, Yuuna, Rico Okamoto, Kanon Matsushima, and Minami Ohta.

Pennant Race: Now Without Limits (Previously Limited to a 30-Year Career)

Create an invincible team with an eye on future generational shifts. New teams created with the new team edit feature can also be added to the league. Uniform designs, marks, and flags can also be edited.

Star Player

The new body edit feature allows you to set your own face and form. Specialties and stats can also be set, allowing you to live a professional baseball career of up to 30 years with a player all your own.

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